Sheriff Freitag's Big Day in Court

Guest post by Jake Duesenberg, Action 4 Liberty.

The following is taken from Jake Duesenberg’s take on the April 1, 2021 court proceedings in the ongoing case against Lisa Hanson, owner of The Interchange Coffee Shop & Bistro in Albert Lea, Minnesota.

“Sheriff, I want you to take all reasonable, rational and safe methods to arrest Mrs Hanson. We need to move this case along.”

That’s the statement made by Third District Court Judge, Joseph Bueltel, this afternoon in an Order to Show Cause hearing for Freeborn County Sheriff, Kurt Freitag.

Judge Bueltel issued a summons to appear in court today for the sheriff because he has not executed an arrest warrant for the owner of the Interchange Bistro in Albert Lea, Lisa Hanson. Freitag initially stood up for the rights of his constituent who has unlawfully been attacked by the Walz’ Administration and local court system for, get this, opening up her restaurant in defiance of Governor Walz’ illegal executive orders back in November of 2020.

If you remember, Walz discriminately shut down part of Minnesota’s economy last fall. He targeted gyms, restaurants and bars, while big box stores remained fully open and packed for the holiday season. Action 4 Liberty told the heroic stories of Larvita in Lynd, Jane in East Grand Forks and Lisa down in Albert Lea – business owners who defied the Governor’s illegal orders and opened up.

This courageous act was immediately punished by Department of Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm’s office with outrageous fines and revocation of liquor and food licenses. Attorney General Keith Ellison, representing the Department of Health, got liberal judges across Minnesota to force these businesses to shut down and in some cases, found them in contempt of court.

Five months later, these business owners are still seeing the punitive nature of their government as they continue to have their licenses suspended and in the case of Lisa, an arrest warrant issued for her not showing up to a court hearing.

But it appears the court did not properly follow the rules in notifying Hanson of the court hearing, which is why she was not present. Rules for thee, but not for me!

Things initially started looking good for Lisa’s case when the county attorney argued that the Chief Justice of the Third District gave authority to sheriffs in quashing misdemeanor warrants. However, both the county and opposing council appeared to quickly resolve the case against the sheriff as long as Mrs Hanson is apprehended in the next two weeks and brought in front of the court. 

In other words, everyone in today’s hearing was trying to save their own butts in the ugly and messy proceedings, while Lisa Hanson’s freedoms became the sacrificial lamb.

Remember – this case would not be in front of the courts had the Third District Court or the Walz’ Administration respected Lisa’s rights in the first place.

Because Governor Walz’ exercised unilateral, unchecked Emergency Powers to force businesses to close, Lisa is now facing the first arrest of her lifetime. And it’s really sad that a small business owner, grandmother and patriot is now going to be placed in cuffs because in one year, our state has traded in its Republican form of government for the new normal of authoritarianism. 

Meanwhile, 20 minutes south of Lisa’s hometown, businesses were fully open.

Do you see how serious this issue has become? Meanwhile in St Paul, Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka is entering the final month of the legislative session and is on the cusp of signing a massive $52 Billion budget that fully funds Governor Walz’ agencies.

Our state government is attacking the rights of our citizens and our Governor still is unilaterally creating laws. Why are we going about business as usual?!

It’s time for Gazelka to grow a spine and get serious about Ending Walz’ Emergency Powers and passing the Never Again Bill. We couldn’t count on him to FIRE JAN MALCOLM, but now he has a bigger bargaining chip.

No Deals. No compromise. And NO BUDGET until Emergency Powers are ended and the Never Again Bill is passed.

He needs to deliver REAL PAIN to the Democrat Machine and STOP their funding. 

We owe it to Lisa and the millions of other Minnesotans who have had their liberties attacked by Governor Walz. We must ensure this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN.

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