Explosive Court Proceedings

It’s Time for Accountability

Minnesota court explodes with grave exposure of blatant corruption, collusion and fraud upon the court by Judge Joseph F. Chase!

To be released to the public for wide distribution tomorrow.   You are getting a sneak preview before it hits the press. 
For Immediate Release
Lisa Hanson accuses Minnesota District Court Judge of perjury
in scathing letter.
Claim’s proceedings fraudulent
Albert, Lea Minnesota, May 11, 2021 – – – – – 

The ongoing battle between Bistro owner, Lisa Hanson vs Minnesota Courts and State Government officials continues, along with a letter sent to Judge Joseph F. Chase as the conflict over government corruption heats up. Hanson’s clash started with her defiance of Gov. Tim Walz’s COVID-19 executive orders in December and January, when she was charged with nine criminal misdemeanors (each carries a fine of up to $1,000 and 90 days in jail).

The Hanson back and forth lawsuits have now become landmark cases across the nation, creating national interest beyond Minnesota, as the Bistro owner continues to call out government officials, for what she sites as “foul play” from City Hall to the State Capitol. In a May 7 letter to District Court Judge Joseph F Chase, Hanson, states

 “You have perjured your oath of office; 
…you have breached the contract as the party designated to hold my court formed by the terms of the Law Decreed for the Case and the due consideration required for me to move my claims for redress against the State Tortfeasors; 
…you refuse to recognize your role as an officer of this court of record proceeding according to the course of the common law; 
…you demonstrate clear bias on the record in favor of the State Tortfeasors and fellow private union of BAR Attorney Members; and… 
you routinely deny the existence of the common law and my right to seek redress according to the course of the common law in a state under common law jurisdiction.” 
Judge Chase sent a letter to Hanson on May 6, treating her common law Writ of Coram Nobis — an order correcting defective legal proceedings in the trial court — as a motion for reconsideration in order to deny it, stating reconsideration is available only in “compelling circumstances.” 

Hanson further stated, “Your acts evince the judicial corruption and warrants your recusal from the administration of this case.”

The Hanson Cases revives the common law of the People to enforce and vindicate their unalienable and common-law rights under the guaranteed protection of the state and federal constitutions.  She is not alone. To follow these cases and others taking place right now across these several States of the Union:
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May the blessings of freedom rest upon those of us willing to defend it! 
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