Latest Court Hearing: State of Minnesota vs. Sheriff Freitag

by Chaunce Stanton

In an update on the latest court drama around the case of Minnesota v Lisa HansonBrandon Hanson and Daniel Hanson discuss the April 1, 2021 hearing, which featured a showdown between the City of Albert Lea City Attorney, Kelly Martinez and counsel for Freeborn County Sheriff, Kurt Freitag.

At issue was Sheriff Freitag’s apparent hesitancy to execute the unlawful arrest warrant for Lisa Hanson, a small business owner who defied Governor Walz’s lockdown order in December 2020. Now she faces nine criminal counts.

At the hearing, the State of Minnesota ignored objections over conflict of interest claims and procedural violations. No surprise there, as they also have ignored the fact the no legal summons was issued to Lisa Hanson.

Long story short, the court directed Sheriff Freitag to execute the illegal warrant for Lisa Hanson’s arrest.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s incredible to see family sticking together during a difficult time. Please keep Lisa and the entire Hanson family in your thoughts and prayers.

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