Lisa Hanson Arrested [UPDATED]

by Chaunce Stanton

Lisa was arrested this afternoon in Clear Lake, Iowa.

As many of you know, the baseless warrant stemmed from a failure-to-appear charge, for which no lawful summons had been served to her – in spite of what has been claimed by the Freeborn County Sheriff and the Albert Lea City Attorney.

The arrest is no surprise. Lisa wasn’t trying to “escape justice” as many of her very vocal critics have claimed on the Facebook. She was asking for due process, as would any other person. 

I spoke with Lisa prior to her arrest, and one thing that struck me about that conversation was her level of faith. She has put her future in God’s hands. 

Let’s not forget, Lisa’s “big crime” – the offense that has led to nine criminal counts and ultimately an arrest warrant – was to defy the illegal shutdown order made by Governor Walz.

When I see the level of hate and anger being directed toward Lisa, I wonder if her detractors have ever met her. She is a kind, intelligent, and moral person, so if you haven’t met her, you can forget the clickbait headlines that claim she is a “lawless bar owner whose selfish pursuit of profit put grandma’s health at risk.”

To her opponents, this arrest will feel like a victory (and you’ve got to wonder at people who would take pleasure in hearing about this situation).

The arrest doesn’t matter, though. It is merely another step in the process. 

The fight she’s taking on is bigger than Lisa Hanson and a small-town cafe. She is a stand-in for you and me in the face of  government overreach, which brings me to this civics lesson…

Reminder: The role of government as defined by the Founding Fathers is not to protect people from other people. The role of government is to protect people from the outrages of governmental tyranny.

Are you more free or less free than two years ago? Will your children be more free or less free ten years from now?

The first question we know the answer, but the second answer depends on us.

Stay strong. Stay free.

UPDATED 9:24 pm: Lisa bonded out and is at liberty. She looks forward to seeing you on SATURDAY in Albert Lea, 2 pm – 7 pm. 

Check out her latest interview with Jake Duesenberg at Action 4 Liberty.

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