Catching Up with Lisa Hanson & THE BIG EVENT!

by Chaunce Stanton

So much is happening all around us right now, it’s honestly hard to know where to begin.


Let’s start with a reminder about the big event: THE STAND FOR LIBERTY!

Yes, that’s happening this Saturday, May 1, 2021 at the Fountain Lake gazebo in Albert Lea, Minnesota.

The Stand for Liberty begins at 2 pm, and, folks, we’ve got some great speakers lined up, including: Dr. Scott Jensen (candidate for Minnesota governor), Rep. Erik Mortensen, Sen. Senator Mark Koran, Jake Duesenberg, (Action 4 Liberty), and Rep. Peggy Bennett.

Be there – and bring a lawn chair so when you get tired of standing for liberty, you can sit for liberty a little while.

PART TWO: What’s Lisa Thinking?

Lisa Hanson is still fighting! Many people want to know why.

You can catch up with her in this great interview with Mark Emery, Director of the National Action Task Force.

Is it just me, or does Mr. Emery look like William Shatner?

PART THREE: Full-Court Press!

I don’t know about you, but I’m not content to sit back and be a victim of aggression. And neither is Lisa Hanson. She isn’t rolling up into a little ball waiting for the State of Minnesota to beat on her based on their illegal diktats.

You can read more about how she’s taking her legal fight to the next level.

PART FOUR: Render Unto Caesar

I’d like to share with you my personal opinion about something important – not that you don’t already have plenty of opinions to choose from.

I’ve heard more than one person of faith quote Luke 20:25 in regard to Lisa’s case. They feel she somehow is defying God by defying the State of Minnesota.

You may recall the passage in the New Testament where Jesus is discussing taxation with a group of Pharisees. Jesus tells them to “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s.”

Based on this passage, some Christians believe that they must submit to earthly authority (so long as it doesn’t violate the Ten Commandments, as I was recently told).

There’s a big problem with this line of reasoning. For one thing, it’s taken out of context of the larger geo-political situation at the time and the dynamics specific to the Pharisees (the virtue-signalers of their day).

It presumes that a human ruler has the authority to grant or revoke human rights endowed by the Creator.

I’m not a religious person myself, but that sounds pretty Luciferian to me, allowing one person to countermand God’s will. Certainly an atheist could get behind that way of thinking, too, because, to them, there is no god except human will.

If the Founding Fathers had adhered to this line of thinking, that an earthly ruler needed to be obeyed unquestioningly, then they NEVER would have challenged their “Caesar” at that time, King George III.

There would be NO AMERICA.

Could you imagine if Washington and Jefferson had huddled together and said, “You know what? We’ve just got to be faithful to the Lord. We must respect our earthly master, because Luke 20:25 says so.”

Okay, Continental Army! Pack up your muskets and get back to your taxation without representation, because God said so.

That line in the Declaration of Independence about “all men being created equal” would just have to get scrubbed, wouldn’t it? Because clearly some people are just born better than other people, and those superior persons should have control over everyone else. 


Remember, in Luke, Jesus and the Pharisees literally were looking at a coin (a dinarius) that had Caesar’s head stamped on it. It was part of Caesar’s monetary system. Metal and labor from Caesar’s resources minted that coin.

That coin belonged to Caesar.

You are not a coin.

You do not belong to Caesar, to Hitler, to Stalin, to President Biden, or to Governor Walz.

You belong to the Creator.

Unlike what is rendered unto Caesar, you have actual and infinite value.

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